At SBDI, environmental initiatives are improving the way that we build and operate our business. Our approach is that, even if a project is not pursing a sustainable certification, it is important to bring sustainable principles to the design and construction process to maximize the value to our clients.

Eliminate Waste

Our biggest impact to the environment is the waste that we produce during a project. While our projects are currently diverting large percentages of the waste that comes on to our project sites, our goal is to ultimately strive for overall reduction of the amount of waste coming onto our sites, eventually eliminating waste of all types.

Supporting Our Clients Goals

SBDI helps our clients to meet their goals of building high-performance, healthy buildings, which we do through education of both our own associates and our clients. This means that our clients work with associates who understand how to build to sustainable standards.  

Act Responsibly

While we realize that our major impacts to the environment are through our abilities to eliminate waste and support our clients’ goals, there are also things that we do culturally both at home and on the job-site that add up to make a large difference. Some of these efforts include:

Digital Invoicing
Inter-Office recycling program
Reduce paper consumption
Electronic information exchange
Discourage the use of plastic bags and bottled water
General office consumables made from post-consumer materials
Turn off lights when not in use