Some things never change; each job must be completed to the highest quality, within a set budget and completed on time. We place a high value on the key role that our ability to self-perform has played in the success of our past projects. With a strong employee base of crafts personnel, SBDI is able to self-perform critical portions of its construction projects, including concrete work, structural steel erection, rough carpentry, door and window installations and building finishes. Our people are highly qualified and responsive professionals that are proud of what they build. Our team approach has created tight knit crews and good morale in the field, which has resulted in enhanced accountability, quality and productivity.

Self-performing work offers substantial benefits to owners; it allows work flow and pace to be adapted to current project conditions and schedule constraints, and it allows us to quickly identify any challenges, implement change orders and efficiently reduce or eliminate subcontractor delays.

Even when SBDI does not self-perform work on one of our projects, our clients still benefit. First, our experience self-performing these critical trades has informed a data base that can be of significant advantage when our project managers are negotiating prices. Also, having direct experience of what it takes to complete these trades under a variety of project conditions allows us to more accurately schedule this work. Once construction activities commence, our managers in the field are able to monitor production and quality in a way that other general contractors may not be able to.