Skyline Builders And Developers, inc. In Rockledge, FL

"When I started Skyline Builders  I had mixed emotions as I hung out my construction shingle. Most companies don’t survive their first few years. After ten years as a successful Construction Superintendent, I knew it would take some breaks along the way to make it.

 This wouldn’t even have been possible without the support of my family. They pitched in and went to work without pay to be the accountant, payroll clerk, telephone operator and chief morale builder for our little company. With there help and dedication, I thought we would be okay.

  I said to myself, it’s a big risk- even if I had learned carpentry from my father and grandfather. But where there’s risk, there’s also a lot of opportunity and I believe hard work, a quality job and honesty in business has led to our success.”

Ernie Hardy, President